Our Approach
To prepare a solution, one must understand the challenge and the goals. Our experience helps expose underlying root causes that prevent organizations from realizing ROI.
The Challenge

Let’s walk through a typical marketing technology implementation that was intended to deliver a world-class personalized, omni-channel experience.

Typical Architecture Implementation


Why is this happening? The root cause can be traced to two key factors.

1) Business team gets asked what they want (and don't know)

The business team doesn’t know what they want because they don’t know what is possible. They fall back to what they do know, the current experience, and spend most of the time making certain they don’t lose any “functionality”. This results in the requirements being pretty much what the business has today, with a couple of small enhancements.

2) Technology team implements parts of the ask (because it is all that is needed)

When the technology team gets the requirements, they begin to wonder why all this money was spent to replatform what they have today. Then timelines get squeezed, budgets get cut and the technology team falls back on what they know – their internal systems. Rather than setup the new platform to bring capabilities that the business didn’t ask for (but should have), they deliver on the requirements in a piece-meal way that allows the project to go live but limits the potential of the solution.

Our Solution

The solution begins with having the right people on the team.

It takes many perspectives to maximize the value of these platforms, and you need experienced team members that understand the capabilities of the solution and can extract what the business needs from your team. In addition, you need thought-leaders who can help the technology team see how the capabilities of the platform can be leveraged to drive value. You need communicators that understand how the back-end technology and platform enable an awesome front-end experience, and can ensure that everything is designed to drive forward the business goals.

We are those experienced team members, thought-leaders and communicators that can help you move your business forward.

Learn how our approach relates to your solution:

Experience Design
With a disciplined methodology of customer understanding and a collaborative approach with your team, we deliver simple and intuitive designs that drive results.
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We bring members who have multiple years of experience leveraging the various platform products in complicated environments enabling us to help you maximize your marketing technology investment.
Approach to Talent
Platform Technology
With deep platform understanding, we provide your technology team with rich documentation on how to build out scalable and personalized designs that leverage platform capabilities.
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