Jill DAmato – CEO

My job is to assemble the world class talent necessary to deliver results. Providing a team with the diverse skill sets necessary to see the big picture, but deliver on the smallest details is what DSP does.

Jill DAmato

Jill DAmato has built a career on the ability to truly understand people and how to build effective teams to get results. Having graduated with a Chemical Engineering degree from Clemson University and knowing she wanted to utilize her degree in a way that involved people, she decided to take a job at Michelin where she could utilize her technical, problem solving background to improve people’s working environments and the company’s productivity. She improved efficiency by considering the balance between the process requirements and the individuals that interfaced with it. Effective results came from listening to the workers, analyzing the situation requirements and restrictions and developing a solution that addressed the concerns.

Her early career at UPS involved managing supply chain engineers and developing and teaching extensive training programs for new and experienced engineers. She moved into project managing end-to-end global supply chain projects that required the ability to work across multiple levels and departments inside and outside of the company to get the job done. She learned how to gain consensus, balance competing priorities, and take the time to understand differing perspective so the team could meet timelines and exceed quality standards.

Later in her career at UPS, she was hand-picked to be on a Go-to-Market strategy team whose job it was to transform the way the Customer Solutions Department went to market. The Customer Solutions department was a unique group of talented individuals who combined customer facing skills with technical expertise. During this special assignment she was able to learn how to build a strong culture and vision for the department of several hundred people and how to maintain that through training, communications, and constant evaluation and adjustments. She considers herself privileged to have spear headed the department’s efforts in recruiting, onboarding and retaining the key staff they needed to accomplish the prescribed go-to-market strategy.

She now leads Digital Solution Partners as its founder and CEO. She utilizes her culmination of insights, training, and experience to build the organization’s culture and hire world class people so her company can provide unbeatable, sustainable results for its customers. She strives every day to make Digital Solution Partners a place that her employees are proud to work and a company with whom her customers are proud to partner.

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