Platform Technology
Cutting-edge technology platforms don’t work on their own.

Digital Solution Partners can help your team improve flexibility and maximize platform value.

Our Integrated Process
The DSP team takes the experience created on the front end and maximizes its effectiveness through thoughtful and disciplined use of the various marketing technologies. We take leadership positions in Business UX and Translation while supporting Solution Architecture and Development. Our world view isn’t about delivering the project, it’s about using the project to buildout the necessary foundation to make every subsequent project better, faster, and higher performing.

  • Solution Architecture +

    Integrations with the rest of your architecture are why the Adobe or Oracle consultants’ recommendations don’t typically work. The DSP team goes deep to learn your business, systems, and requirements to synthesize how they should work together to deliver results. You need to use each technology for what it’s best at, given your broader approach.
  • Business UX +

    An often-overlooked element is the interface used to manage the digital experience going forward. From streamlining the input processes to designing workflow approvals, we work with your internal teams to utilize platform capabilities to enhance your processes. We produce documentation and designs that optimize the platform for the business user.
  • Technical Translation +

    Business requirements are typically for a specific design. With DSP, the requirements contain flexibility that provide for the desired initial experience, but also variation in that experience as it evolves. Our team’s deep platform understanding allows us to produce enhanced technical translations that guide the technology team on how to best leverage the capabilities of your platform.
  • Development +

    We are not a systems integrator, and we don’t do any of the coding or build out. Partnership with DSP provides your internal teams and/or systems integrators with a playbook that translates what the business wants/needs into the optimal execution given the platform and the system interdependencies. We’re there to answer any questions along the way to make certain that what the business needs is what the business gets.
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Why are we different?

Business Focus vs.
Project Focus

Most technology projects are just that, a project, and the goal is to get them implemented. Since DSP is a partner with both the business and technology teams, we have a much greater investment in the outcome of the implementation. Therefore, we’re not happy with just getting it implemented, we must get the business value out of the technology to be successful.


Digital Industry Experts vs.
Digital Experts

Our team is well-versed in the latest trends in digital, but we also evaluate if and how those trends apply to your business. You may not need to spend millions of dollars on the latest platforms to meet the needs of your customers. Rather than doing technology for technology’s sake, our understanding of your business, your infrastructure and the digital landscape lead to more thoughtful and valuable solutions.


Experience Design

Our understanding of the technology enables the business to create world class experiences that move the business KPIs.

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