Brian DAmato – President & Solutions Lead

My job is to deliver business value. You tell us what KPI we need to move, and we’ll help you move it quickly and in the most scalable and efficient way.

Brian DAmato

DSP prides itself on having brilliant, passionate individuals who excel at their roles. Brian DAmato is a shining example. Brian exhibits a skill set that runs wide and deep, gained through years of experience and natural curiosity. After receiving his degree in Chemical Engineering from MIT, his first full time position at General Electric helped form his initial understanding of the linkage between work done and the business results that followed. He began to realize what elements drove results and which ones didn’t. This awareness and his insatiable desire to learn pushed him into a variety of disciplines that helped him understand how and why things work and how they are interconnected. With roles like GM of Strategy and Analytics at Delta Air Lines and Head of User Experience at The Home Depot, he gained perspective of how each piece of the digital landscape fits together as a whole and how efforts affected things upstream and downstream.

He put this extensive knowledge to work in his most recent role as the senior architect of Verizon’s omni-channel ecosystem. Learning, integrating, and connecting everything from back-end proprietary technologies with enterprise content management systems, to integrated analytics platforms with real-time decisioning engines, all managed with work flow and business processes designed to evolve their organization. This extensive reorganization and integration required the ability to think through and drive discussions at the macro and micro level. He seamlessly transitioned from a meeting with the VP of Ecommerce to outline the value of the program over the multi-year road map to a meeting with two developers helping them through a challenge on the best way to structure their code for scale.

We are thrilled that Brian continues to utilize his rare combination of technical knowledge, user experience, and analytics as the President of DSP. He ensures that the team delivers at our high standards and drives value for our customers at every touch point. To stay connected with our customers, he also takes on the solution role to remain aligned with our customer’s needs on a daily basis. His exemplary balance of breadth and depth of knowledge is the foundation of what we’re building at DSP.

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