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The odds of delivering a large digital project are roughly one in ten based on a recent study by the Standish Group. It is estimated that over $400 billion annually is wasted on technology projects that will produce insufficient business returns.

Digital Solution Partners was created to change this outcome.

The state of the industry

Standish Group - CHAOS Report, 2015
Genpact - Putting Digital to Work, 2015

State of the Industry

Customers’ expectations are dynamic, and companies are investing millions of dollars in the latest technology to keep up.

It is more difficult to reach customers efficiently and effectively in the age of ever changing demands, and growing competition. With the introduction of marketing technology platforms, businesses who once relied on static websites have found refuge in goliath platforms like Adobe and Oracle to drive ROI and customer success factors.

Omni-channel, personalization and big data have been solutions coined for the customer’s increasing expectations, but what does that actually mean for your team once the said platform has been purchased?

Leaders are finding both successes and challenges in maximizing the value of these platforms.

“It’s shockingly easy to be deceived by marketing technology. For everything that we did well, we learned that there were 10 things that we should have done better. And as a leader, I’ve realized that if these tools are established correctly, they can be as transformational internally, as they are for the customer experience externally.”
Jennifer Wainwright
Jennifer Wainwright
Director of Digital & CRM

The fundamental opportunity lies not in what platform a company chooses, but in how they use it to change the way they do business.

Digital Solution Partners is a small team of consultants with experience from a multitude of world class organizations. We bring together front-end customer experience with back-end technical knowledge to work alongside your existing teams and partners. Our partnership sets your department up for success and helps lead them through the necessary transformation to the digital age.

Fortune 500 Companies

Fortune 500 Companies
Fortune 500 Companies


Our Approach

Discover what a typical marketing technology implementation looks like and see how we approach the problem.

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Our Core Competencies

With deep platform understanding, we build out scalable and personalized designs that leverage core platform capabilities.